Introducing Jane Bond!

Jane Bond house party

Hello Kevin here, guitarist for Jane Bond. It was late spring 2018 when I contacted Jon about an add he had placed on Craigslist for a new guitar player. He was looking for someone reasonably local with an interest in playing jazz and pop to appreciative audiences at wineries, breweries and the like. Something a little different than the usual bar gigs of a seasoned classic rock band. I'm not "local" as I am located in south-central PA (about an hour and 45 minutes from Baltimore) but as we continued to talk it was apparent that Jon and I were on the same page. We arranged a meeting time when I could audition for the band. I got to meet Angelo our bass player and Molly our lead singer. We quickly started working out the songs they had already been working on while adding some new material and my new musical journey with Jane Bond began.

We worked for about two months as a trio with vocals and decided we needed to get some show time. Playing a house party seemed like a good solution and turned out to be just the inspiration we needed. Things went well and we were a hit with friends and family but that didn't stop us in our quest for adding keys to the mix. After much work Jon finally came in contact with Lambert who brought his keys and fit perfectly with who we are. He put in a good bit of work to learn our set list in record time all while adding more new material. When the opportunity came to participate in the fund raiser Gettysburg Rocks we jumped at the chance and had a blast performing our first gig as a complete unit. The response was even greater than we had hoped and confirmation that Jane Bond is alive and ready to bring it's music to the masses! 

Check our schedule and see you at the show!!!